October 20th 2013
Red sausage event at Aamanns-Copenhagen!
​New Nordic meets Danish Street Food! Hosted by Sera Lavelle and Martin Høedholt owners of Revolving Dansk.

Anyone who has wandered the streets of Copenhagen has inevitably entered a pølsevogn (hot dog wagon), which are more ubiquitous in Denmark than Starbucks in NYC. Unlike any hot dog in America, the danish hot dog is a red, delicious, sausage with a snap, topped with condiments, crispy fried onions, and sweet scandinavian pickles. The Danish pop-up restaurant, Revolving Dansk, will be serving these hot dogs pølsevogn-style for this one day event at Aamanns-Copenhagen in Tribeca, along with drink specials and a mix of europop and scandinavian rock music.

Come join Revolving Dansk for this very first authentic danish red sausage hotdog event! We will be hosting an afternoon hotdog event Sunday October 20th 2pm - 6pm at Aamanns-Copenhagen located in TriBeca in Manhattan (13 Laight St New York, NY).

October 5th 2013
Revolving Dansk food stand at Hester Street Fair!

Please join Revolving Dansk at Hester Street Fair located in Lower East Side, October 5th 10am-6pm. We will have danish street food by traditional family recipes and modern Nordic cuisine. Revolving Dansk focuses on the notorious røde pølser (red hot dogs with a snap!) and frikadeller (crispy fried meatballs) served beet sauce and green goddess.

Revolving Dansk at Hester Street Fair

July 21st 2013
Danish Day at Dassara!

Please join Revolving Dansk Sunday July 21st at Dassara to help us bring homestyle danish cuisine into the neighborhood!

Sera Lavelle and danish-born Martin Høedholt have paired with celebrity chef Pablo Ventura of Dassara and Fatty Crab, who has cooked for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Oscar de la Renta, to create a distinctive Danish menu for this one day event.

This event will focus on sharing the family recipe danish frikadeller (Meatballs), as well as renowned Copenhagen street food style pølser (sausages) created specially for this event.This will be an all day event featuring a variety of drink specials and a mix of europop and scandinavian rock music.  Admission to the event is free, and food items will be available for purchase.

We are excited to host NYC's first and only event to feature homestyle danish food, as a starting point to launch danish cuisine as a permanent staple in the neighborhood.

December 8th 2013
Danish Gris-mas! What the glögg?
Revolving Dansk is at it again, and this time, Santa is bringing a big batch of succulent, crispy, danish-style pork down the chimney.  The danish pop-up will be serving traditional danish Christmas food with a street-food spin, at Dassara.  As always, we will be bringing our infamous danish red hot dogs to please the crowd...

We will be hosting our event at Dassara 271 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY. Sunday December 8th 1pm-6pm. See you there!

Thanks for joining us at Dassara!

​Photo credit: Justin M.